World Cleanup Day 2019

September 26, 2019

Saturday 21st September was the 2019 World Cleanup Day. PPS joined over 14.5 million people and 169 countries in aid of cleaning up our planet from rubbish and raise the awareness of the problems caused by mismanaged waste.

World Cleanup Day started 10 years ago in Estonia and was established to harness the power of everyday people to achieve incredible things by joining together to rid our beaches, rivers, forest and streets of rubbish.

PPS took part in the ‘one day, one planet, one goal’ mission to cleanup our community and raise awareness of climate change within our business.

We took a 3 mile route (including our industrial estate) and collected an astonishing 11 x 50L bags of waste! The journey took us through 2 industrial estates, 2 housing estates and a stretch of the River Stort.

The collected waste included lots of single use plastics such as six pack rings, cotton wool buds and condoms. Some finds of the day included a 25L empty container of degreaser found along the river bank, a used disposable BBQ and lots of items of clothing, including underwear and socks!

Waste is a mismanaged resource and hopefully, through the work of, we can aim to create a shift towards the better management of resources and inspire towards smarter choices in design, production and consumption. Let’s work together to raise awareness and implement some long lasting changes to end the global waste epidemic.

We can all make a difference. Anyone can pick up rubbish. Please think twice about buying and using single use plastic items and how you dispose of your rubbish moving forward.