Installation & Commissioning

As specialist manufacturers of pumped drainage solutions, our expertise in installing our equipment is second to none.

We carry out the mechanical and electrical part of the pump station installation with no split responsibility. We also offer basic installations for the construction phase, backed up with full installation and commissioning near practical completion.

Our ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to installation, commissioning and handover allow the project responsibility to be assigned solely to PPS, meaning you have no split responsibility with several different contractors.  

Our offering is usually split into two visits.

  • Visit 1 – The Survey
    • We survey every installation & commissioning job free of charge. At this point, we can recommend any remedial works that require to be carried out in advance of the installation. If needed, we can produce a quotation to do this work.
  • Visit 2a – The Installation
    • We will mount pumps in the chamber and mount electrical control/alarm panel within 3m of chamber base. Electrically connections are then made to the pump(s) and control/alarm panel to isolator or spurs (installed by others). A cable duct with drawcord must be provided. This duct should be continuous and run from the chamber to within 500mm of isolator/spur. We are not able to extend cable ducts, run cable tray, clip cables or leave cables in open excavations.
  • Visit 2b – The Commissioning (typical checks)
    • ✔ Chamber is clear of silt and debris.
    • ✔ Check activation of float switches by hand making sure they can operate without obstruction.
    • ✔ Cable jointing kits (if fitted) to be moved away from pumps/floats and secured.
    • ✔ Turn gate valve anticlockwise to ensure it is fully open.
    • ✔ Electrically isolate pump set to standard height (duty pump), fill the chamber with water and check pump discharges correctly.
    • ✔ While standard height pump is isolated, fill the chamber with water and check the high level alarm sounds (alarm should operate between pump 1 and pump 2).
    • ✔ Electrically isolate pump set to high level (backup pump), fill the chamber with water and check pump discharges correctly.
    • ✔ Check pipework is connected correctly (look for leaks).
    • ✔ Check all cables are securely cable tied to manifold and clear of float switches.
    • ✔ Check each pump is wired to an individual non-switched spur.
    • ✔ Check each spur is wired to an individual RCBO (not RCD).
    • ✔ Label spurs and equipment using stickers provided.
    • ✔ Check power is on.
    • ✔ Check battery backup is switched on correctly if available (refer to the manual) and operates in backup mode.

Please note: Before installation chamber(s) must be free of water, sludge and debris.

If manhole covers have been fitted these must be removable by normal lifting methods. An additional charge may be required for covers that cannot be lifted due to grout/cement or a chargeable return visit may need to be made.

Test & Commission – Commissioning ensures the equipment is installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. This re-starts the warranty and protects you at the time of handover. The commissioning certificate will follow on receipt of the final payment.

Our price does not include for lowering chamber into the excavation, any civil work, or pipework outside the chamber.

Please note: There will be an additional charge for commissioning if we are unable to do this at the time of installation.

Client Handover – Our client handover offers a smooth passage from practical completion to ongoing servicing through one of our service plans. We will support your customer moving forward and provide an exceptional aftercare service. We’re so confident, we give a lifetime warranty on parts for the life of our most popular plan. We operate 24/7/365 which allows for a completely hassle-free relationship. Use our ‘Contractor Customer Handover Request’ form here.

Communication is key!

We ensure you will always have one point of contact throughout the complete process. All our service team is trained to understand your requirements and have in-depth product knowledge. We work with a state of the art system which allows us to keep records of every site (including equipment and jobs).