PAYG Pump Servicing

As well as our preventative/predictive maintenance pump service plans, we also offer a PAYG pump service scheme that allows you to book a service when you see fit. Contact our Basement Drainage Pump Service Department on 0330 9000 999 or click here to request a booking online. We’ll do our best to cater for your chosen date and time; all we ask is for payment upfront to secure your booking.

If you’re on one of our service plans or use PPS as a PAYG service provider, we’ll always ensure you receive the same level of service no matter what.

PAYG servicing starts from as little as £230 (ex. VAT). You can see what’s included as part of a service, by viewing our ‘Pump Service Checklist’ below.

September 5th

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  • Carry out visual inspection of basement chamber, internal pipework/fittings and cables.
  • Pump down chamber in hand and monitor performance.
  • Check all float switches.
  • Test/check non-return valves to ensure that they are free from blockages and left in good working order – change if necessary.
  • Test/check cable jointing kits for moisture and corrosion (if applicable).
  • Test/check high level alarm/replace battery (if applicable). Check 240v supply/s.
  • Test/check battery backup (if applicable), ensure backup power is provided to pumps during power outage.
  • Swap lead drainage pump to ensure equal wear of both pumps (automatic pumps). Check auto changeover for control panels.
  • Carry out basic clean and wash down of chamber, pumps and float switches.
  • Visual inspection for excessive fat/scale build up so recommendations can be given for a pump station clean if required.
  • Adjust position of alarm activation float switch if required.
  • Check/adjust position of pumps activation float switches to prevent obstruction.
  • Test run all pumps in auto or manual and monitor performance.
  • Final check – cables tidy, gate valve left open, alarm/panel left on, 240v power on, service reminders reset, covers down.
  • Complete e-Job report card and provide customer with feedback.
  • Leave aftercare card and complimentary air freshener.