• Personal Pump Station
    Monitoring System
  • 24/7 protection for total peace of mind
  • PumpAware keeps you informed on what you need to know via text message and email – any time of the day, anywhere in the world!

The ‘heart’ of your basement

Pumps are the heart of any basement, so it’s only right that they have a ‘heartbeat’. The AlertMaxx2 and Rego1, when connected to your Wi-Fi will provide a data heartbeat to the PPS monitoring system every 15 minutes. A heartbeat provides PPS with a package of data, the monitoring software then analyses this data and determines whether or not a notification or alert is generated. If the heartbeat isn’t received, this automatically sends a notification to you advising that we temporarily cannot receive data from your pump station.

  • The Building Blocks
  • Device
  • Monitor
  • Notify
  • Report
  • Device Pumps are the heart of your basement and failure could be catastrophic. The AlertMaxx2 and Rego1 monitors and collects data from your pumps and uploads the information periodically to the SideWinder monitoring software. Critical alarm conditions are detected immediately and instantly uploaded for action.
  • Monitoring The SideWinder monitoring software collects all the data transmitted from the AlertMaxx2 and Rego1. It is then screened and analysed, both short term and long term. Algorithms make initial decisions on how to treat the results.
  • Notification PPS PumpAware is completely designed around you. We won’t ever bombard you with puzzling messages. We’ll only keep you updated on what you really need to know via text message and email – any time of the day, anywhere in the world!
  • Reporting At the start of each month, you will receive a monthly health report to keep you up to date with the condition of your pumps. This is delivered via email and includes information such as the total cycles per month per pump station and the backup time your PowerMaxx has available based on the current usage of your pumps (if installed).

PumpAware Notifications

When you receive a PumpAware notification, you are responsible for acknowledging the alert and following up yourself. PPS do not actively monitor your property, unlike PumpSmart and PumpSmart+. Some alerts require you to confirm receipt via clicking a link to ensure they are acknowledged. If a text message or email isn’t confirmed, the alert is sent to the next contact on the rolling contact list *.

When signed up to PumpAware, you will receive alerts and information messages for the following events:

  • High Level Alarm
  • High Water Occurred
  • Mains Power Failure
  • Mains Power Returned
  • High Level Alarm Muted
  • Service Reminder
  • Missed Data Heartbeat
  • Both Pumps Set Offline (Rego1 Control Panel)

Pricing & Sign Up

PumpAware is free for the 1st year and then £7.99 per month/per site for the remainder of a 2 year contract. This is paid via monthly direct debit and requires an online application form to be completed. Once signed up, PPS will attend your property free of charge to activate the Wi-Fi on the AlertMaxx2 or Rego1.

Sign up here

*Up to five contact numbers can be specified on the rolling contact list.