Preventing a flood with SideWinder Tech™

January 8, 2020


A primary pump continuously running at one of our PumpSmart+ customers properties was detected by the SideWinder Tech™ remote monitoring software. The pump was remotely tested by the Operations Centre to establish it’s current status – confirmation of continuous running was received.


SideWinder Tech™ was quick to act and armed with the remote confirmation of continuous running; they recommended a site visit was made as a priority 1 to establish the cause and correct the issue before a breakdown or pump failure occurred.


A pre-visit report pack was sent to us from SideWinder and with this information, we dispatched an engineer the same day. Upon arrival, our engineer found the primary pump to be continuously running and not discharging the water from the groundwater pump station. The pump was removed and a faulty/failed non-return valve was found to be the cause of the problem. The NRV was replaced and the pump duty was swapped to allow even wear on both pumps. With the use of the predictive maintenance and remote monitoring system provided by SideWinder Tech™ we have been able to prevent a pump breakdown and a potential flood!

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