The importance of regular servicing of your basement pump stations and equipment

March 6, 2023

Why is regular servicing important?

Regular servicing is important to keep basement pump stations in a good, working condition. Like with most appliances and equipment within a home (such as boilers, fire alarms and washing machines), regular servicing detects any issues and prevents small things becoming a problem. That way, when you need the equipment to do what it should, it is in working order and able to complete its job!

What do British Standards say?

Most buildings and contents insurance policies require the owner of the property to carry out regular basement pump servicing if there is a pump in the basement. In a recent update to British Standard 8102, a planned maintenance schedule is recommended as failure of mechanical pumps or blockages could result in flooding. The advice states that a service should be carried out annually, as a minimum, to ensure pump equipment is in good working order.

How can PPS help?

At Packaged Pumps Systems, we’ve been servicing basement pumps for over 15 years and already provide peace of mind to over 5,000 property owners throughout the UK who are on one of service contracts.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and have a pool of highly trained and professional engineers who will attend the property to carry out services and breakdowns to keep the pump stations running effectively.

Benefits of a service plan

We offer a range of service plans to our customers based on the equipment installed at the property. We recommend a service visit every 6 months to ensure the pump equipment is working efficiently and to prevent the risk of any unnecessary flooding at the property.

We also offer a bespoke monitoring service, SideWinder Tech, that supports remote monitoring of the pump station. This technology allows the pump station to be monitored and any issues are flagged quickly, and action can be taken to rectify the concern and get the pump station back to operating effectively as quickly as possible. In some cases, the issue can even be resolved remotely and wouldn’t require attendance by an engineer! This gives property owners complete peace of mind when it comes to their pump station equipment.

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