Anti Lime Sealer (con) 2ltr

Anti-Lime sealer is applied to concrete and cures to form a water-repellent surface which is resistant to lime efflorescence.


• Helps prevent blockages in cavity drain membrane systems caused by free lime leaching.

• Ideal for use on old and new concrete alike.

• Concrete remains breathable as the product does not block pores.

• Highly concentrated for easy transportation and to reduce plastic packaging.

• Easy to use.

• Non-hazardous.

• Long-lasting.

Anti-Lime Sealer is applied to concrete surfaces prior to the installation of the Wykamol Cavity Drain Membrane System to prevent the ‘leaching’ of free lime from the concrete slabs. 

‘Leaching’ of free lime, which then solidifies, causes blockages within a cavity drain membrane system. This prevents the free movement of water behind the membrane, ultimately stopping the water from reaching a gravity drain or a sump and pump system.

Blockages caused by free lime will increase the regularity of maintenance of a cavity drain membrane system and its pumps, or in some cases, cause the system to fail.

Ideal for use on concrete slabs including floors, walls, rafters, kickers and recesses. Underpinned properties on either side of joints. Dry-packed areas after an application of a cement-based tanking product such as the HydraDry Tanking Slurry System.

With superior crack-bridging ability down to -5°C, as well as thixotropic application properties, HydraFlex is a suitable solution for areas at risk of movement in both internal and external environments.

Additional Anti-Lime Sealer key information can be viewed in the PDF below: