The importance of a battery backup, now more than ever…

April 6, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic currently spreading the globe is a terrible disaster that’s affecting individuals and business on a treacherous scale. The outbreak of COVID-19 is causing companies to operate differently and migrating their staff to ‘home working’.

As you can imagine, this is drastically changing the way electricity is used with patterns immerging more like weekend usage on a ‘normal’ day to day basis. Power networks throughout the UK have reported electricity usage reducing, but residential properties are now using more power than industrial applications.

The threat of the ‘grid’ becoming overloaded may be small due to the switch in usage, but with COVID-19 causing more and more staff to self-isolate – electricity providers are worried about their ability to act efficiently and effectively if an outage or power surge was to occur. Manpower is becoming slimmer, and supply chains are becoming slower.

So what is a battery backup, and why do you need one?

A battery backup in it’s simplest form is a dedicated power supply that is wired in between the incoming power supply (mains) and the pump/s. When the mains power is lost (power cut), the battery backup kicks in and takes over providing power to the pumps from the energy stored in the battery pack.

Our PowerMaxx2 battery backup is smart in a way that it uses sophisticated software and algorithms to achieve superior resilience times (how long the battery backup will stay ‘alive’ for) and industry-leading pump backup times.

We recommend a battery backup for all groundwater basement pump station installations due to the nature of the environment and the fact that groundwater cannot be stopped. In essence, the pumps must keep on working around the clock to evacuate the water seepage throughout the cavity drain membrane.

If the power was to go down to the pumps, the events thereafter could be catastrophic and lead to flooding and costly repair bills. Think of a battery backup as an essential rather than a ‘nice to have’.

For more information about our range of battery backups or to identify which backup suits your application, please contact 0330 9000 999 or email us.

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