The Rego1 is a new generation, intelligent pump station control panel. The replacement of analogue circuitry with digital technology enables various advantages:


  • Improved time and efficiency of installation

  • Enhanced float logic with digital float control to allow for one float to fail without compromising operation

  • Less components for failure and better components to guarantee over 1,000,000 cycles

  • Wi-Fi enabled allowing for remote monitoring via SideWinder Tech.

  • The control panel has all the classic capabilities including the manual running of pumps (hand), automatic swapping of pumps and ability to set pumps offline.

  • Offering a volt free contact, the Rego1 allows connection of external devices such as an alarm or beacon with a maximum load of 0.5A and voltage up to 30V.

  • The VFR can also be connected to any BMS system if required for high level alarm only, sending a continuous signal.

The Rego1 can be a stand alone control panel or it can be connected to the SideWinder Tech remote monitoring software via Wi-Fi. This enables various ‘smart’ functionality, remote monitoring capabilities to allow for predictive maintenance and the ability to remotely control the Rego1 from anywhere in the world!

Product CodeRego1
Size (without cable glands)310mm x 170mm x 78mm
Weight (with battery installed)1kg
Mains supply200-250V AC (50Hz)
Internal batteryPb 6V – 1.2Ah
Sound Level100db @ 30cm
Operating temperature      5-40˚C
Power (standby)<2W
Visual Display2 x 7 segment
Electrical Requirements1 Spur
Warranty2 years
  • 6V battery backup. 
  • Internal logging. 
  • 100db sounder. 
  • Local energy monitoring. 
  • Wi-Fi enabled. 
  • Predictive capabilities. 
  • 24 month component guarantee.
  • PowerMaxx2 (PMX2).
  • Hi-PowerMaxx2 (HiPMX2).
  • Hi-PowerMaxx2-XL (HiPMX2XL).

When the Rego1 is connected to the SideWinder monitoring system, notifications can be sent to alert 5 contacts of the following events:

  • High level alarm
  • High water occurred
  • Mains power failure
  • Mains power returned
  • High level alarm muted
  • Service reminder
  • Missed data heartbeat

In addition, each month a health report will be shared via email detailing the average pump time (in seconds) over the last month and the total cycles per month. It will also include battery back up data if there is a unit installed.