The PowerMaxx2 is a battery back up unit specifically designed for pump applications to ensure they can still operate should there be a power outage.


  • It can run 2 x V3 ground water pumps (not simultaneously) without mains power for up to 15 days depending on the number of cycles per day.

  • 1 or 2 pumps are directly fed through the PowerMaxx2.

  • If a power failure occurs, the duty pump will draw power from the PowerMaxx2 which will have been fully charged during normal operation.

  • The unit will automatically recharge when mains power returns and incorporates a compact quick charger to top up the battery from empty in just 25 hours.

  • Dynamic Polling (DyPol) enables the PowerMaxx2 to achieve extended backup times by dynamically requesting if the equipment requires backup power and alternating between a state of hibernation, request and supply.

  • The digital display shows status and comprehensive fault codes, whilst the internal log captures and records critical events.

  • The user menu function allows you to locally reset the battery life indicator.

  • The PowerMaxx2 can operate as a stand alone unit or can be used in conjunction with an AlertMaxx2.

  • Data from the Hi-PowerMaxx2 can be shared with the AlertMaxx2 when connected to Wi-Fi.
Product CodePMX2
Size (without cable glands)155mm x 425mm x 300mm
Weight (without battery installed)6kg
Weight (with battery installed)19kg
Mains supply200-250V AC (50Hz)
Internal battery24V – 1x22Ah
Power (standby)<3W
Power (charging)75W
Inverter600W P1
Visual Display2 x 7 segment
Operating temperature      5-35˚C
Relative Humidity<80%
Feeds1 or 2 (13A non-switched)
Devices1 or 2 pumps (cannot provide together)
  • Designed for 2 x V3 ground water pumps.
  • Powers a V3 for up to 15 days.
  • Operates in standby mode during a power outage for at least 15 days.
  • 24 month component guarantee.
  • Dynamic Polling (DyPol) feature only provides power when it’s required.
  • The PowerMaxx2 is simple to install as it is free standing and can be fitted in any dry ventilated area.
  • As this unit is fitted in the power line, no additional electrical spurs are required.
  • Configuration mode to ensure correct installation.
  • AlertMaxx2 (code AMX2G or AMX2F)