Dual V3 Pump Station

The Dual V3 is a packaged pump station designed to collect ground water via perimeter channel modular drainage system.


  • Specifically designed for below ground applications.

  • A typical application would be collecting ground water from a basement up to 150m² and surface water from a 12m² lightwell.

  • The chamber is manufactured from HDPE and able to withstand hydrostatic forces encountered in applications with high water tables.

  • Delivered as a complete package including, chamber, all internal pipework and two powerful V3 pumps.

  • Designed to be installed by contractors with competent building, plumbing and electrical skills.

This pump station cannot collect grey water from showers and wash hand basins, or foul water from a WC. For this you would require a Foul V3 pump station.

Product CodeD V3
Chamber MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene
Volume Below Inlets87L
Total Volume217L
Fixed Inlets3 x 110 / 160mm
Cable Duct Size50mm
Discharge Connection1.25” / 32mm BSP Class C
Discharge Pipework1.25” / 32mm BSP Class C
Internal Pipework1.25” / 32mm BSP Class C
Cable Duct Pipework2” / 50mm White Waste Pipe

Pump ModelV3
KW Rating P1/P20.43/0.18kW
Full Load Current1.9A
Fuse Spur Rating13A non-switched
Typical Duty2.0l/s @3.5m
Power PhaseSingle
  • NBS specification R18 (clause 310) Pumping Stations & Pressure Pipelines
  • BS 8102:2022 Type C Drainage Protection

The chamber sits on a concrete base, inlets in the form of perimeter channel or modular 110mm system are connected into the chamber, a 32mm discharge pipe connects to the gravity drain and a 50mm cable duct to bring electrics and control cabling from the chamber into a dry environment. The chamber is filled with water to prevent buoyancy and is surrounded with concrete. A simple rule of thumb is the top of the chamber should be level with the structural slab or no deeper than 500mm from the final finishes.

The installation should be completed with a double sealed cover supplied by the contractor to tie in with the general floor finish. Remember this product needs to be accessed for service so care should be taken with the location.

  • AlertMaxx2 (code AMX2G)
  • PowerMaxx2 (code PMX2)
  • Hi-PowerMaxx2 (code HiPMX2)

Additional Dual v3 Pump Station key information can be viewed in the PDF below: