1000 Series Foul Water Pump Stations

The 1000 Series foul water pump stations are available in a variety of depths from 1250mm – 3000mm.


  • Specifically designed for below ground applications where hydrostatic water pressure may be present and should be surrounded with concrete to prevent movement.

  • Applications include collecting foul and grey water from WC’s, wash hand basins, showers, sinks and dishwashers subject to selection criteria.

  • Typically for larger self contained basements or where inverts are low due to site conditions.

  • When collecting grey water from a kitchen, we recommend fitting a grease trap prior to the chamber to optimize the reliability of the pump station.

  • Compatible with a range of guide rail mounted pumps.
Chamber Model1000 Series
Chamber MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene
Available Depths1250mm, 1500mm, 1750mm, 2000mm, 2250mm, 2500mm, 2750mm, 3000mm
Available Pumps500 Series, 600 Series, D10 Series
Inlets5 x 110mm grommets (supplied loose)
Cable Duct and Vent Size50mm
Discharge ConnectionBSP Class C
Cable Duct Pipework2” / 50mm White Waste Pipe
Vent Pipework2” / 50mm White Waste Pipe

D10 Series

500 Series

600 Series

  • NBS specification R18 (clause 310) Pumping Stations & Pressure Pipelines
  • BS 8102:2022 Type C Drainage Protection
  • A kit is provided so inlets can be easily drilled and sealed on site, making this product very simple to install.
  • A manhole cover is not supplied as these are generally site specific and installed in the final finish. If required, the chamber will accept a standard 450mm x 600mm cover and frame.

Rego1 (REGO1)