CM8 Membrane

CM8 Waterproofing Membrane is for use on walls, floors, vaults and tunnels with minimal surface preparation required.


  • Creates a dry, habitable living space in area previously suffering from damp/wet conditions

  • Waterproof, salt inhibiting, root and contaminant resistant

  • Quick to install – minimal preparation needed to wall surfaces

  • Easy to fold around windows and doors

  • Easily cut down using a sharp blade

  • No drying out process – redecoration can occur immediately

  • Little or no damage to the existing structure

  • Low and high temperature tolerance

  • Part of a Type C Cavity Drain Membrane System in line with BS8102:2009

  • Clear for easy application and fixing of Wykamol Plugs 

Wykamol CM8 Waterproofing Membrane is suitable for type ‘C’ (drained protection) structural concrete constructions in accordance with BS 8102.

When used for waterproofing basement floors and walls it is recommended that perimeter drainage channels are provided to optimise the flow of ground water towards the sump location.

Wykamol CM8 Waterproofing Membrane is used in a dry lining application. Various systems can be used in the head of the fixing plug, from timber battens to steel dry lining systems.

Additional CM8 key information can be viewed in the PDF below: