Waterguard Outlet 50mm

The PPS 50mm Outlet piece is a drainage connector used as part of a Cavity Drain Membrane System, directing any ingress of water towards a sump chamber or drain.


  • Quick and easy to install

  • Pre-drilled drainage holes

  • Can detail centrally across foundation floors

  • Tough and durable

  • Ideal for where stepped foundation footings would cause a problem

  • Part of a complete Type C cavity drain membrane system for waterproofing below-ground structures in line with BS8102:2009

The PPS Waterguard Drainage Outlet – 50mm is a PVC drainage conduit used for the easy and quick connection to the Waterguard Channel or the Floor Drain Channel sections to take water from the system into a Sump Chamber or through a wall in to a gully.

Additional Waterguard key information can be viewed in the PDF below: