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Basement Pump Servicing & Installation

PPS are the largest manufacturer of basement pump systems and accessories in the UK, all of our pump engineers are trained to the highest standard in the UK through our industry-acclaimed ‘Pump Academy’, and carry a full range of spares on their vans. We’ve been in operation for 20+ years and are available 24/7, 365 days a year!

How often do my basement pumps needs to be serviced?

In general, we recommend a service every 6 months inline with British Standards, as your pump system is what ensures your basement remains dry all year round. However, systems sometimes need servicing less frequently, and we can give you a more accurate idea of service frequency during your first service appointment at 6 months.

Don’t forget, if you opt for our ‘Dynamic Servicing’ package, we’ll only service your pump system when needed, making it the most cost effective way to maintain your equipment and keep your basement dry. 

Can PPS service any other manufactured equipment?

We can even service other manufacturer’s pumps. Unlike some companies, we don’t just stick someone through a 3-day training and call them “an engineer”. All our engineers are ‘true’ pump engineers, meaning they can service, maintain, and replace any pump equipment – whether it’s one of our high quality products, or came from any other manufacturer you could name (and even a few you couldn’t).

Why use PPS to service my pump station

What happens if I have an issue late at night or on a bank holiday

Do I have to wait in AM, PM or all day for a service appointment

What are the benefits of going on a service plan with PPS

Why is a monitored plan cheaper than a non monitored plan

Can I talk to someone about your service plans

What is remote pump monitoring

Do I need a battery back-up for my basement pumps

Can you service Delta pumps

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We are firm believers that visibility and service go hand in hand and maintaining transparent and open channels of communication between our clients and us is a hallmark of PPS. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about PPS:

As ever PPS is a delight to deal with - from appointment booking to actual service the process is easy, efficient and frankly I wish more businesses were this professional.

Tracey K. October 15th

Polite and extremely accommodating engineer’s and company.

Daphne E. April 19th

Best company in London always on time and helpful.

Charlotte S. May 26th

Highly recommended... I wish all my subcontractors were as professional as PPS.

Richard S. August 30th

I have consistently had first rate service from PPS staff and engineers and today’s service was no exception.

Sheila L. September 12th

I think you are an excellent company - the best part is your customer care and responsiveness. One of the Best!

February 18th

First rate service, as always.

Rohan M. February 24th

Knowledgeable and polite engineers who are efficient and good humored. I feel confident in PPS service levels and happy that they are taking care of our equipment regularly.

Maya H. March 14th

The engineer who visited today was extremely helpful, courteous and friendly - a real pleasure!

Nicola T. May 23rd

The whole team are very professional and efficient. Pleasure to do service with you. Thank you.

Julie H. June 26th


Remote monitoring of basement pump systems is essential for timely detection and prevention of issues. It offers early warnings of pump failures, significantly reducing the risk of basement flooding and associated costly damages. 

This allows us to monitor the condition of your pumps 24/7 and send you alerts if any potential problems arise. By providing data on the pump’s condition, it facilitates timely maintenance, extending the pump’s lifespan and saving on emergency replacements. Ultimately, it offers homeowners peace of mind, especially during adverse weather conditions or when away from home, ensuring safety and reducing the need for frequent manual checks.

The remote monitoring system can be paired with any existing pump system you currently have installed.

Speak to us to find out more.

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  • Carry out visual inspection of basement chamber, internal pipework/fittings and cables.
  • Pump down chamber in hand and monitor performance.
  • Check all float switches.
  • Test/check non-return valves to ensure that they are free from blockages and left in good working order – change if necessary.
  • Test/check cable jointing kits for moisture and corrosion (if applicable).
  • Test/check high level alarm/replace battery (if applicable). Check 240v supply/s.
  • Test/check battery backup (if applicable), ensure backup power is provided to sump pumps during power outage.
  • Swap lead drainage pump to ensure equal wear of both pumps (automatic pumps). Check auto changeover for control panels.
  • Carry out basic clean and wash down of chamber, pumps and float switches.
  • Visual inspection for excessive fat/scale build up so recommendations can be given for a pump station clean if required.
  • Adjust position of alarm activation float switch if required.
  • Check/adjust position of sump pumps activation float switches to prevent obstruction.
  • Test run all pumps in auto or manual and monitor performance.
  • Final check – cables tidy, gate valve left open, alarm/panel left on, 240v power on, service reminders reset, covers down.
  • Complete e-Job report card and provide customer with feedback.
  • Leave aftercare card.