Our E-Team Launches!

October 3, 2022

We are proud to announce that today we have launched our E-Team of Engineers who will be traveling to service call outs on their e-bikes!

The team is made up of two Engineers who will travel around Zone 1 on their e-bikes, supported by an Engineering Supervisor in an electric van who will deliver additional parts, but also be on hand to support on certain jobs.

The initiative means that Engineers will be able to undertake approximately 50%* more jobs in a day by reducing the amount of time they spend travelling, leading to an even better customer experience.

The introduction of e-cargo bikes will have an immediate impact on reducing carbon emissions, as well as a reduction in congestion and noise.

It’s estimated that the project will save over £15,000* a year in fuel costs per engineer, as the e-cargo bikes replace diesel vans.

That means each E-Team engineer will be using 8000 fewer litres of fuel per year (160 litres every week) – giving a significant reduction in emissions.  The engineers have also completed a course on how to use the bikes safely.

Mark Underwood, Managing Director, said: “I’m thrilled that we have officially launched E-Team – a sustainable solution which will bring a host of benefits for our customers, engineers and the environment.

“Feedback from tests for this project has been excellent so we’re glad we can put it into action and get some of our engineers onto two wheels instead of four.

“E-Team comes at an exciting time for Packaged Pumps Systems as we expand our team significantly to build an even stronger business. We are seeing a growing interest in our products and we’re feeling positive about the future.”

Danny Johnson, E-Team Engineering Supervisor, said: “I’m really excited to be part of the E-Team for Packaged Pumps Systems. The fact it’ll reduce the time we spend commuting between jobs, enabling us to visit more customers is a real benefit.

“It’s also great to know that we’re doing our bit to help the environment too. It’s a brilliant idea for everyone involved.”

*Percentage calculated during a feasibility test.

*Calculation based on the average mileage that a Packaged Pumps Systems engineer would undertake in a year using a diesel van. The diesel cost is based on the average price in September 2022.

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