Combatting ‘self isolation’ with remote pump station monitoring…

April 15, 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic that’s sweeping the nation is changing the way people and businesses go about their day to day lives and operate.

In these unprecedented times, to protect our staff and clients – PPS has adopted new ways of working. With the aid of offsite pump station monitoring via SideWinder Tech™ – we are able to remotely monitor our clients pump stations from anywhere in the world. This offers a key benefit to customers opting for their equipment to be monitored, as service intervals can be adjusted dynamically to suit their specific equipment. With the use of this technology, we can also minimise our team’s onsite exposure to potentially life-changing threats such as the coronavirus and also reduce client exposure to tradesmen entering their properties.

Our 24/7 operations centre can be manned and operated from a ‘home office setup’ due to cloud base hosting and online access. We can quickly connect remotely to any monitored pump station and know more about the pumps health than we would if we were onsite. The system monitors various datasets, from cycle time to current (A) and insulation resistance (MΩ). It tracks trends and alerts based on a traffic light, threshold system.

With the SideWinder system, we are able to focus our streamlined engineer base on dealing with true pump emergencies and being onsite when and where maintenance is really required.

Want to learn more about SideWinder Tech™, visit our website here.