Why choose a Maintenance Contract – DRAFT?

Our maintenance packages provide peace of mind so you can enjoy doing the things you love and let us worry about the rest

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From one pump station
All high-level alarms systems
Any battery back-up
Any control panel
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Why choose a PPS Maintenance Contract?

  • Experience We’ve been servicing basement pumps for over 15 years!
  • Manufacture We manufacture over 1,600 pump stations each year. Yours is probably one of ours.
  • You’re in good company We already provide peace of mind to over 5,000 property owners throughout the UK.
  • On-call when you need us We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Professional Our engineers are highly trained, fully qualified and work to the highest of health & safety standards.
  • Flexible We offer bookings when they suit you. We always have fully stocked vans with all spares required to complete most work during a single visit.
  • Breakdown Prevention We are a SideWinder Techtm certified installer – the only software to provide predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of your equipment 24/7. Where possible, this enables us to identify and address any potential pump malfunctions before they occur whilst helping to extend the lifespan of your equipment.
  • AccreditedAs a high quality and experienced service provider, we hold numerous industry accreditations and memberships to several professional trade organisations such as SafeContractor, Pump Distributors Association, Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering to name a few.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is ‘Dynamic’ Servicing?
    • The SideWinder Tech™ intelligent remote monitoring system predicts a service interval specific to the conditions under which your equipment operates. ‘dynamic servicing’ means that service intervals are based on the live operational data transmitted from your equipment, which is analysed every 15 minutes for any critical events. Choosing a Maintenance Contract that includes remote monitoring increases the lifespan of your equipment and leads to a cost saving on the price of having your equipment serviced on an ad-hoc basis!
  • What’s included in a basement drainage pump station service with PPS?
    • See here for what’s included when you have your pump station serviced with PPS.
  • Can I pay for a service plan upfront?
    • Yes, of course. The full two years will be charged for up front.
  • How long is the maintenance contract for?
    • Our minimum contract term is 24 months (2 years).
  • What is remote monitoring?
    • Using SideWinder Techtm and an associated IoT/Wi-Fi device (AlertMaxx2 or Rego1), we can remotely monitor the condition of your pumps 24/7/365! The Sidewindertm automatically analyses data sent every 15 minutes from the pumps and uses a traffic light system for reporting potential fault conditions. With a PPS SideWindertm Service Plan (PumpSmart or PumpSmart+), peace of mind comes as standard. Our dedicated Op Centre is manned around the clock to act on alerts. Using predictive maintenance, we will advise of any issues before (and if) a problem occurs, ultimately avoiding costly breakdowns.
  • Areas covered Our head office is in Bishop’s Stortford but our engineers work from support hubs throughout England. The blue areas show the locations we cover. For services in Scotland and Ireland, please contact us for local approved agents.

All new maintenance contracts may be subject to an initial service visit in order to assess the equipment at the premises, at a cost that will be disclosed at the time of booking. To be eligible for a monitored PumpSmart or PumpSmart+ Service Plan, a SideWinder™ Tech compatible device must be installed; all our AMX2 High Level Alarm systems are compatible and, provided the local Wi-Fi network can be accessed and offers sufficient a signal, it is likely we can retrofit an AMX2 for a moderate fee.

† excl. regular wear and tear on batteries

Prices quoted for PumpSmart and PumpSmart+ above are based on a single Delta Dual V3 groundwater and a single Delta Foul V3 pump stations at the same premises. Prices may vary depending on the nature of the equipment at the premises. Prices remain subject to local factors such as access to the equipment to be serviced, Health & Safety requirements by the premises or remain subject to external factors such as a change in the VAT rate.

All our Maintenance Contracts are concluded for a Minimum Initial Term of 24 months and renewable on a rolling 12-month basis.

Payment for any Maintenance Contract can be done upfront for the Initial Minimum Term or by Direct Debit.

All cancellations during a Maintenance Contract are subject to an early termination charge.

See full terms and conditions.

Our plans cover England and Wales residential customers only.