A spotlight on: R&D

September 6, 2019

The Rego1 is our latest pump control panel and remote monitoring system. Reliable. Intelligent. Compact.

This month’s spotlight features our Rego1 intelligent pump control panel and Wi-Fi remote monitoring system. The replacement of analogue circuitry with digital technology enables various advantages from, improved time and efficiency of installation, enhanced float logic (EFC) with digital float control to allow for one float to fail without compromising operation, fewer components for failure and better components to guarantee over 1,000,000 pump cycles, Wi-Fi enabled allowing for remote monitoring via SideWinder Tech™, local energy monitoring and a whole host more!

The control panel has all the classic control panel capabilities including the manual running of pumps (hand), automatic swap over of pumps and the ability to set pumps offline.

View all the features of the Rego1 here >>

Rego1 & SideWinder Tech™

When the Rego1 is commissioned to the SideWinder, it enables the installer to set up the owner details for SMS and email notifications, such as High Level Alarm and Mains Failure. These notifications can be sent to up to 5 contacts. The system also generates and automatically sends a monthly health report to one nominated email address.

The Rego1 can be accessed via the SideWinder website, giving an overview of live running conditions such as the steady state current of each pump, cycles per hour and the position of the three control floats. All previous historical data is stored and available to analyse and view when required. This system opens the capabilities to allow for predictive maintenance within a service organisation.

Using the SideWinder also enables total remote control of the pumps and setup of the Rego1 from anywhere in the world. Forgotten to set the overload limits? This can be easily adjusted and set remotely. Notice a pump has been left offline? This can be set back to AUTO via one simple remote command.

Interested in finding out more? Contact PPS on 0330 9000 999.

Option 1: Rego1 standalone control panel

This option includes the Rego1 to be fitted as a ‘standalone’ control panel.

Option 2: Rego1 Wi-Fi telemetry system

This option includes the Rego1 control panel and a 5-year subscription to the SideWinder. Included is SMS and email notifications, an online SideWinder portal login and a monthly health report.

Option 3: Rego1 Wi-Fi predictive maintenance system

This option gives total peace of mind with 24-hour off-site remote monitoring by SideWinder Tech™ paired with a PPS dynamic service plan.

Download the Rego1 marketing flyer here.