25% of properties would benefit from a pump battery backup!

October 10, 2019

25% of properties would benefit from a battery backup connected to their pump station. From a sample* of remotely monitored pump stations (by SideWinder Tech™) 25% of these would flood within 4 hours during a mains power outage in a heavy rainfall situation.

As we move from Summer into Autumn, British weather holds to its reputation. Over the first days of October, parts of the UK saw up to a month’s worth of rain overnight. With the addition of a PowerMaxx battery backup to the pump system, the average increase in ‘uptime’ pushes up to 16 hours. As an example, a property from the sample that would flood within 1.5 hours would now survive without mains power for 20 hours with a PowerMaxx battery backup installed!

This applies to any event resulting in loss of power to the pumps, i.e. mains grid outage, tripped RCBO, blown fuse spur, accidental power off, etc.

For more information about our range of battery backups or to identify which backup suits your application, please contact 0330 9000 999 or view our battery backup selector here.

*Sample data collected from ‘live’ SideWinder Tech™ remotely monitored pump stations.